Introducing Self-Care Saturdays

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Happy Saturday! The first weekend of the year feels like a good time to set the tone of your self care and love routine for 2018, so today we are launching Self-Care Saturdays. The idea is to start every weekend with 2 minutes (or more, if you like) of stillness and reflection to recover from the week’s stress, quiet your mind and check in with your journey. We spend so much time fussing over our physical fitness, so why don’t we make time to care about our mind too? After all, many things in life, I find, are mind over matter.

We’ll be posting a question or statement to prompt reflection, and all you have to do is listen to yourself—really listen—so you can get to know and, consequently, care for yourself better. You can also start a Self-care Saturday tradition with someone you care about (over brunch, maybe?) and hit two birds with one stone.

I can personally say that asking questions that prompt reflection have strengthened, if not saved, many of my dearest relationships. We tend to get lost in the rush and mundanity of daily life that we often fail to truly listen to the ones closest to us. Sometimes that makes us forget how interesting and lovable they are. Sometimes that means we don’t love and support them the way they want, and vice versa.


Let’s kick off #selfcqresaturdays with one of my favorite self-discovery questions.

What does your ideal day look like?

Imagine your best day ever–free from the pressure, expectations and opinions of others. Listen only to yourself. Describe it in detail. Draw it if you like. Doing this exercise always makes me feel so happy and peaceful! :’)
When you’re done creating your perfect day, take yourself out of the picture—like you’re watching television or looking at a photo—and ask, what does your perfect day say about what you truly desire in life? Your values? Your goals?


I know this is very personal, but if you want to share your perfect day, I would LOVE to hear it!

My ideal day

Here’s what my ideal day looks like. (Fair warning, it’s quite long.)

I wake up in a big fluffy bed sometime in the morning. It doesn’t matter what time it is. It’s bright out and softly drizzling. Light is sneaking through cracks in the curtains. Two dogs are in the room. One of them snuck into bed shortly after my partner left. Both dogs are dreaming happy dreams, legs and ears slightly twitch when they dream-run. I stir at the smell of coffee from the kitchen, put something cozy on and gently wrestle a slipper from under the dog sleeping on the floor. This day is perfect already.

My partner is hovering by the kitchen counter, the recently adopted puppy nipping at his ankle. He kisses me good morning and lowers the volume of Nat Geo on TV. He pulls up Reddit to read news and funny things aloud to me but mostly show me puppy pictures while I cook breakfast. The cat is purring by the window and meows when I reach over her to get some basil from the windowsill herb garden. I can almost see the vegetable garden and trees outside rejoice as they drink up the drizzle. She doesn’t move (obviously) but eyes the new puppy with characteristic feline suspicion.

The dogs hear the pans and are up in a flash. Breakfast is wonderful. Everyone is fed. My partner and I head to the couch with our hot morning drinks to talk, cuddle, read and discuss the tuna or zebra on TV. It’s a bright modest home without clutter. This is our land and we built this house with our own hands. The forest is our backyard and the sea is our neighbor.

The animals come along when I pick vegetables in the garden. My partner’s family, my sister and our closest friends are coming over for lunch. My friends come early to help me cook. The dogs are excited to sniff them. The house is full of laughter all day. After lunch, some check out the scenery and some start dessert under the trees.

We go for a hike in the afternoon and catch golden hour at the beach. Someone is playing fetch with the dogs. Someone starts a little fire while humming. We have some drinks before dinner. The cat is happy and warm at home. Our loved ones grow more animated over dinner. Many jokes are delivered. Many stories are shared. Everyone goes home warm and fuzzy.

My partner and I cuddle with the pets in the living area. I’m having wine, he’s having beer. We smile at each other. It was a good day.


I’ve done this exercise a couple of times at this point and what I learned is that safety and security are the two pillars of my perfect day. Wealth and material things are not important to me beyond their offering me the security that I won’t go hungry or lose my home. In some iterations of my perfect day, I have no partner, just pets. Having pets, to me, requires financial security. So pets are a must, a partner is a bonus.

All the perfect days I’ve ever imagined start with slow mornings. It took me a long time to accept, but the boss lady life as portrayed in the movies isn’t for me. I’ve had enough excitement for a lifetime. I want to make my impact in the world in a meaningful but quieter way.


I can go on about what this exercise has taught me about myself, but I’ll stop here for now and try to get some sleep. I seem to have caught a new year bug.

Can’t wait to hear about your perfect day! Let’s keep the happy brain train rolling and come back tomorrow for our post on habits for good mental health. 🙂

Take care ♥

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