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Two Girls, One Channel is here!

Two Girls, One Channel is a video podcast channel about sex, sexuality, adulthood and the important things in life. We, your hosts Jean Lau and Trisha O’Bannon, invite you to join our conversations as we delve into topics generally still considered taboo in predominantly conservative Philippines. We want to take these topics out of the shadows and start conversations that will ideally enrich your life, relationships, and growth. Join us in opening up our society and encouraging people to have healthy, open-minded and informed conversations about our bodies, identities and realities. We look forward to building this vision with you.

I’ve been slaving over this project for months. I know it’s not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 💜 Find Two Girls on Youtube and Twitter

P.S. Growing Up MNL posting schedule will return to normal once things settle down. Thank you <3

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