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5 Fun Youtube Channels That Help You Adult

The Financial Diet

If I had to choose only one channel for adulthood 101, it would be The Financial Diet. They talk about the transition to adulthood and money musts and mistakes in a relatable and honest manner that is so refreshing. I watched all their videos! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Other Financial Diet videos I love: 7 Habits to Make You Good With MoneyThe Difference Between Broke and Poor21 Truths All College Students Need to Hear

The School of Life

I watch The School of Life when I need an exercise in introspection and reminder of what life is really about. In the rush of the rat race, it’s easy to get lost in ambition, stress and consumerism. The School of Life always offers beautiful reminders that growing up is about emotional maturity and intelligence.

Other School of Life videos I love: Good Enough is Good EnoughSeven Questions to Restart Love

Justine Leconte

Justine Leconte is a French fashion designer based in Berlin. She’s funny, charming and makes useful videos that don’t waste your time and brings the best parts of high fashion to daily life. In her videos she talks in detail about an array of topics related to dressing yourself–from identifying your skin tone and face shape to the technical aspects of textiles and garment making.

Other Justine Leconte videos I love: How to dress well on a budgetHow to recognize poor vs. good quality in clothes

TED/TEDx Talks

You’ve probably heard of TED talks by now and know that there are thousands of TED and TEDx Talks out there about every conceivable topic. Here are some that have spoken to me deeply.

The power of vulnerability, The Masterpiece of a Simple LifeGrit: The power of passion and perseveranceThe secret to desire in a long-term relationship

Charisma on Command

Growing up, I was so extremely shy and awkward I didn’t start reciting in class voluntarily until my last few months of high school. I was bullied a fair bit when I was younger and grew up with crippling self-doubt because no one taught me otherwise. So I spent my life trying to be as small as possible so I wouldn’t be seen, heard or hurt. Gaining the confidence and self-worth I now have took decades and is an ongoing process. Charlie, the founder of Charisma on Command, touches on these subjects in his channel. His videos are also fun because he uses celebrities as examples and breaks down what makes them charismatic.

Other Charisma on Command videos I love: How to Be Nice Without Being a PushoverStand Up for Yourself Without Being a Jerk

Other Youtube Favorites

The channels below didn’t necessarily help me become a better adult, but they sure helped me become a more inspired and curious one–which I guess is the same thing!


Cheap Lazy Vegan | Veganism on a budget
(More budget, more time equivalent: Pick Up Limes)

Peter McKinnon | Photography, filmmaking

Mango Street | Photography (and they have a cute dog)

Lessons from the Screenplay | Film, writing, art

Visual Politik | Politics, current events, history


What are the channels that have helped YOU grow up/”adult”? Excited to discover your favorites!

That’s all for now, folks. Ingat! <3


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